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a few brilliant familyfriendly destinations at port fairy
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A Few Brilliant Family-Friendly Destinations at Port Fairy

A Few Brilliant Family-Friendly Destinations at Port Fairy 16 Apr, 2021

For some time, forget the ill effects of pandemic and give yourself a break. COVID-19 even has its end, and so its massive negative effects. The medical team is working hard on the vaccination and very soon we shall enjoy the sweet fruits of their success. Now, keeping the fear of Coronavirus aside, take up a tour to Port Fairy with your family. The accommodation facilities at this amazing coastal town are indeed worth appreciative just as the untainted beauty of this town.
Even a trip to Port Fairy will create a harmonious and calm impact on you. Another best thing about this people's favorite coastal town is you can easily get house rentals in Port Fairy when you have planned for a long stay.

Rather, a seaside trip with the family has always been proved as the best medicine for regaining peace of mind and subsequently health. In fact, the kids are bound to have a great time at Port Fairy, since they can give themselves the perfect holiday, they have been looking for.

The patrolled beaches, Australian native animals, and skate parks attract both adults and kids of all ages. It is surprising that all age kids retain their full energy to enjoy themselves at these pristine sites.

Nevertheless, a few factors will make you extend your duration of stay since you cannot miss them as long as you are in Port Fairy.

Koroit Irish Festival:

The rich Irish heritage is celebrated at the Koroit Irish Festival that is held in the month of April throughout Koroit's historic village. The Gaelic games carnival, market stalls, food vendors, musicians, and the Australian Danny Boy Championships are highlighted. The ditties range from the traditional Irish folks through the shamrock "n" roll.
Even there are a series of other related activities making unique Koroit Irish Festivals along with a weekend of unmatched fun anywhere out of Ireland. So, it is a great place for family together, when you can make a happy Family Reunion time.


There are several swimming and surfing beaches patrolled daily over the weekend periods and peak summer holidays. A few of these beaches are offering fun snorkeling, so you have to add the flippers as well as a mask to your packing list. The beaches you must discover at Port Fairy, include -
Beach 515
Reef Point
South Mole
East Beach
South Beach/Pea Soup

Belfast Aquatic Centre:

Located in Port Fairy, Belfast Aquatics Center is open at any time of the year. While the school holidays go on for the kids, then Special Inflatable Fun Days are organized/.

Flora and Fauna:

The two National Parks, namely Tower Hill and Mt Eccles are located in the immediate vicinity, and there are several options for enjoying brush walks, looking out for native animals, and surely picnicking.
These two parks are having an excellent population of koalas, kangaroos, and emus existing at Tower Hill.

Giant Sand Dune Slides:

This Giant Sand Dune Slides is the 33-meter riding town where the visitors visit to seek fun from where they can ride down the sand dunes of Yambuk. Through the Princes Highway, you can head forward to Yambuk Lake. To enjoy the panoramic views along the Yambuk coastline, you have to climb up the stairs and reach the top. From here, you shall even get lovely views of Lady Percy Island. Either go for a picnic or set up a dangle at a line at the lake or bbq facilities. Here, there is plenty of parking space along with toilets. But remember, swimming at Yambuk Lake is not at all safe.

Mini Golf:

Mini Golf is located at the Big4, which is the 18 holes mini golf course set within the wonderfully landscaped gardens paved with walkways as well as its own Mt Kosciuszko. Indeed, the tricky greens are challenging, and the visitor could confront any keen enthusiast. Several arches, obstacles, and tunnels are present here for navigating around. You can test your skills here.

Skate Park:

In Campbell Street, the Skate Park is situated with some small boxes with ledges, low rails, quarter pipes, 5-foot mini ramp attached with the roll-on its hip and banks.

Do you think you should wait any longer? Till the time is young, and the weather is still fair, start for Port Fairy right away. Never does the ambiance dissatisfy its visitors, rather welcomes everyone with the same warmth. Even you can get house rentals always so you need not worry about accommodation

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