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how can the griffiths island reserve in port fairy inspire the artists
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How Can the Griffiths Island Reserve in Port Fairy Inspire the Artists?

How Can the Griffiths Island Reserve in Port Fairy Inspire the Artists? 17 Feb, 2021

Naturalism and serenity have always motivated the culturalists like writers and artists. Being ardently driven by their passion, the artists are always on the search for secluded spots to exhibit their talents.

So, are you among the budding enthusiastic artist looking for a tranquil place to record the picturesque landscape on canvas? Then, choose Port Fairy. Now you might ask, “Which spot should I choose among so many wonderful sights in Port Fairy?” Well, start with Griffiths Island Reserve – the iconic island of Port Fairy.

Let us check-in details to make a note of how Griffiths Island Reserve inspires the artists.

No wonder that the silent township is a superior charming surprise. Port Fairy is hidden at the Great Ocean Road's farthest western end. Historic buildings are the sources for the coastal town being renowned, nevertheless, lingering food and wine as well as the annual Port Fairy Festival have added to its charms.

As you walk by, with local guidance and stop and Griffiths Island, you know you have come to your destination. Rather the extravagant beauty will make you set up the canvas and get ready the pencils and colors ready.

Before returning to your reserved hotel near Port Fairy, and finalizing the one to be sent for exhibition, spend quality time capturing the surroundings. Now Griffiths Island got its name from John Griffiths who had started the whaling industry in the town. You shall be happy to know that the Island is under protection similar to a sanctuary for shearwaters – and incredible birdlife including mutton birds. Here lies a scenery before your eyes – the mutton birds with their friends having a gala time in the shearwaters with the sun shining overhead!

You can reach the Island through the causeway from the Griffiths Island CarPark located at Martin's Point. After bidding farewell to the birds, you might have to shift the canvas and replace it with a fresh one to record the beaches and sand dunes. The section leading to the Port Fairy Lighthouse will offer you its picturesque beaches and sand dunes. Now it is your duty to infuse your imagination and bring up an art!

Well, two paintings are enough for the day! Return to your hotel and revive for the next day.

On the following day, be prepared with a theme and visit the causeway's end, turn left to make your way towards Port Fairy Lighthouse. You shall find the track is winding its way through the low lying scrub, and then surprise you with birdlife. Is this live show enough to set up your canvas? Can you resist the pleasing paradise for the birdwatchers? Griffiths Island is home to about 80 to 90 varied bird species.

Focus on sunrise and sunset with the chirping life playing about and let your mind and hands do the needful.

Just for your information, the shearwater's famous colony is vibrant during summer and spring. The erected viewing platform on this section will allow you to set up the canvas and watch the birds at dusk swarming their burrows in the scrub – can you stop yourself from portraying the beauty in your canvas?

The Port Fairy Lighthouse located on the eastern tip of Griffiths Island consists of swamp wallabies. As you find them grazing amidst the taller vegetation, prepare your mind to do your job. The Port Fairy Lighthouse will take an entire day if you are willing to capture it on your canvas. The local bluestone built iconic lighthouse, when portrayed on canvas with the same background, the artwork will be worth thousand dollars at exhibitions.

If you are determined to do some more, then come back here on the fourth day and capture the wildlife - the echidnas, blue-tongued lizards, tiger snakes who are normally out during warmer months. What about the fifth day! Southern Right Whales gliding the coastline are awesome to be painted.

Definitely, after spending time from dawn to dusk amidst the free space, you will want to relax. So, keeping the hotel near Port Fairy reserved will let you rest the time and feel refreshed. You need a lot of energy to continue walking the circuit from Port Fairy Lighthouse, pass through the scrubs and also across the sand dunes, and keep on painting till you have reached the picturesque beaches to get a new canvas. Rather you will not be able to let go of the Southern Right Whales when they will pass the coastline if you are visiting from June to October.

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