how unique is port fairy s the perfect seaside town in south western australia
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How Unique is Port Fairy As The Perfect Seaside Town In South Western Australia?

How Unique is Port Fairy As The Perfect Seaside Town In South Western Australia? 12 May, 2021

Situated far away from the hustles and bustles of Melbourne and the absence of overwhelming crowds, Port Fairy welcomes its tourists to find a great deal of mental relief from the enclosures of the city life. Indeed, Port Fairy is the perfect holiday destination in Australia.

At the end of Great Ocean Road, almost a four hours travel from Melbourne, Port Fairy had been voted for its most liveable community having a population under 20,000 in the world in the year 2012.

So, How is Port Fairy Special?

Being an integral historic center, Port Fairy creates a charm over the visitors with its preserved bluestone cottages, shady and wide streetscapes ideal for cycling, stunning wild coastlines, superb restaurants and cafes, varied birdlife for birdwatching and walking tracks.

Dating back to the 90s era, Port Fairy had mostly been a fishing village and a vivid rural community.

It is evident from certain instances that Port Fairy is having external influences in the form of the long-running organized fold music festival that is the Port Fairy Folk Festival as established in 1977 and rich western district farmers eligible in spending their money in the coastal town. Thus Port Fairy is at a great advantage in comparison to the other rural communities.

Why Do the Visitors Develop An Eternal Love for Port Fairy?

This incredible coastal environment with 180 degrees sky overhead and the powerful elements with clean air and weather indeed wins over the tourists. At the same time, the strong community and Indigenous history of Port Fairy are equally impactful.

Never-To-Miss the Community Market

Set by the old rail shed, the Community Market is the fortnightly market selling local products like fruits and vegetables. Being a visitor, you have the advantage of the goodies, which you can carry to your accommodation. The only vineyard set on the Great Ocean Road, Basalt Wine organizes a weekly market stall. Their Riesling and pinot perfectly match the local cheese along with the Jane Dough bread. So even if you are staying at house rentals in Port Fairy, then there will be no issues with shopping for the local products.

What About the Culture Fix?

Pre-Covid Port Fairy had been the town of festivals; the time would be crowded at the renowned Port Fairy Folk Festival, jazz festival, and music festival where the classical music gains great deal importance. But, for the time being, due to the effect of COVID, the bigger events are out of the question, so the organizers have prepared themselves to look ahead to 2022.

Would You Like To Go Out of Town?

At the Great Ocean Road's end, you can go to explore ample beach towns, waterways, and forests - within just two hours of drive. Besides, if you prefer to stay closer to Port Fairy, then you can visit the nearby extinct volcano at Tower Hill. At this point, you can spot koalas and emus. Even you can drive into the volcano crater.

From Worn Gundidj, you can check out the visitor's programs going on offer. It is an enterprise offering works, skills, and training opportunities to the indigenous people in the tourism areas, environment, textiles, and horticulture.

Although there are several seasides, yet Port Fairy is on the top as the holiday destination. At Port Fairy, the visitors have a great opportunity to explore the historical towns and entertain themselves with the calmness of the coastal town. The refreshing memories you collect now will drive you to pay another visit on the next vacation.

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