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lorne to port fairy great ocean road guide for the backpackers
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Lorne to Port Fairy: Great Ocean Road Guide for the Back-Packers

Lorne to Port Fairy: Great Ocean Road Guide for the Back-Packers 02 Nov, 2021

Heading down to Melbourne to "discover" exciting geographical features of Australia, keep Great Ocean Road in your plan. This gorgeous coastal drive defines quintessential Australia. It will be a two-day trip, and you will have ample opportunity swimming on the beautiful beaches, coming closer to native wildlife while relishing the delicious local produce.

So, by now since you have inspired yourself to te take up Great Ocean Road Backpacking, then this guide will take you from Lorne to Port Fairy. Once you have reached there, getting house rentals at Port Fairy to explore the town is easier than ever.

1. Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay, like Lorne, is a choiceable town to stop by and have lunch or a snack. Similar to Lorne, Apollo Bay is furnished with shops, souvenirs, lovely beaches and exciting waterfall hikes.

2. Great Otway National Park

Now bidding farewell to the beauty of Apollo Bay, you will now have to cut inland for bypassing Cape Otway. You need to follow the windy road splitting the trees, take a detour into the National Park through Otway Lighthouse Road. While going ahead, look up at the cute koalas chilling leisurely on the trees bordering the road. Truly, they are adorable!

At the end of the road, you will stop at Cape Otway Light-station, which is the oldest operating mainland lighthouse of Australia. Since 1848, it is steering ships clear – it shares stories of success and loss along southwest Victoria's treacherous shipwreck coast. Take a tour of the lighthouse and surrounding areas to experience the full ordeal, and learn about the sustaining history.

3. The Rocks

Stop at Gibson Steps, which is right outside of Princetown. As per belief, the original Kirrae Whurrong inhabitants had first carved these steps into the cliff face, and since then, the early settler Hugh Gibson had maintained for using it as the access route. As you descend down from the path, you will stand on the foot of a wide, serene beach. The landscape's calmness and peaceful nature refresh the soul for a better journey ahead till you have reached Port Fairy. In fact, you shall think about The Rocks and the landscape when you are relaxing at your reserved house rentals in Port Fairy.

There are a car park and visitor centre just a few minutes down the road leading to the 12 Apostles. You can view these natural beauties from different platforms and just remain awestruck at their beauteous creation. The series of limestone rock formations as a result of erosion of relentless ocean's power over the centuries has given rise to The 12 Apostles, which are absolutely amazing.

You shall come across a couple of tracks taking you to different viewpoints, and when you follow the well constructed and maintained path, do not forget you are still in the wild. While walking back to the car park, you might be unfortunately greeted by Australia's most deadly tiger snake. All that it will do is wander off into bushes after making your blood turn cold by popping its head out of the shrubs on the side and slithering across the path. If you see it, then stand back.

Once you are done with the 12 Apostles, move on to the sensational rock formations of Loch Ard Gorge, Mutton Island, The Grotto and London Bridge. Each has its unique story to share that could be of either shipwreck, native wildlife inhabitants and formation.

4. Port Campbell, Peterborough, Warrnambool

Each town seems somewhat bigger than the previous with the places for sleeping, eating, and several things for seeing. Drive around to explore Victoria’s quieter side, compared to Melbourne’s hustle and bustle. Come over to Frying Nemo at the Port Campbell petrol station where you can fix your fish and chips, and when you want to relish on the decent and greasy meal. Here, the menus are well priced and will properly satisfy your hunger. The surprisingly beautiful beach of South Warrnambool will allow you to cool down when the sun is glaring in the afternoon.

5. Tower Hill Reserve

A beautiful little location of wonder and wildlife is located just 10 minutes out of Warrnambool. Set around an ancient volcanic crater the reserve has developed around the natural lake that has been formed in the middle. Driving in one way and following the road snaking its way through the reserve. Take a break in the middle of the parking bays and walk through the trails to spying the native Australian animals continuing with their daily businesses. At dawn and dusk, you can well catch a sight of the animals, and you can see kangaroos round the clock. It is a wonderful spot for picnic lunch and dinner for complementing the scenic sights and resume in nature.

6. Port Fairy

Now we come to the ultimate spot on the Great Ocean Road guide for the backpackers. Port Fairy, a quaint little town, established in the early 19the century still sticks to its roots, but with modifications and advancements. The best instance is the modern-day facilities at the house rentals in Port Fairy. Here you shall come across several good things, which include the Battery Hill, a beautiful port filled with fishing ships and an old fort.

Simply come over to The Caledonian Inn, the oldest continually licensed hotel in Victoria for having a beer, when you must need a drink for unwinding from the big driving day. This hotel started to serve first in 1844, and till today it has been flawless.

When you take pride in being a backpacker, then follow the guide precisely for exploring Great Ocean Road's amazing places and sights. As you land, a range of activities will overwhelm you, and from the options, you shall find interesting activities to keep you busy. The more time you spend at each spot, the more will you enjoy them.

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