the best school holiday summer activities in warrnambool and port fairy
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The Best School Holiday Summer Activities In Warrnambool and Port Fairy

The Best School Holiday Summer Activities In Warrnambool and Port Fairy 07 Dec, 2021

Warrnambool and Port Fairy are the wise choices for the kids to indulge in the best school holiday summer activities. These are the beautiful coastal towns incredible to tie a family in a close-knit and bring up opportunities for spending some cool time together.

So, if you are to give your kids something new to learn and enjoy for the summer of December and January, then definitely these are the great selections.

These are the regions having a lot to show during the summer months. Whale watching lovely and in the top of all! While you might be spoilt for choice, but make sure that you have booked accommodation in Port Fairy.

Start Vising the 12 Apostles:

Drive along the Great Ocean Road and witness the spectacular cliffs and apostles which are indeed the impressive sight to leave everlasting memories. 

Head Over to Warrnambool Botanical Gardens:

The beautiful gardens located in the heart of Warrnambool will be the kids' loving point, where they will be watching the ducks and birdlife on the pond, and find the old cannon in the gardens.

Indulge In Whale Watching Sessions At Logans Beach:

Southern Right Whales calve at the Logans Beach - head down to the beach to watch the whales from the viewing platform. The beautiful beach itself is an inviting zone for a picnic.

Keep Time for Giant Yambuk Slide:

Here is the giant metal slide that goes for 33m located right outside Port Fairy on the bank of Lake Yambuk. Well, this is a great spot for a family day out. Kids will never want to leave the slide, while as a parent you will want to relax by the lake and enjoy the fishing spot. 
On your way home, stop at Yambuk and take some ice cream.

Come Over to The Hopkins Falls:

Want to have a barbeque, then the great selection is the Hopkins Falls. The Falls are not situated far from the road, so it is an easy walk for the younger children to the two viewing platforms. 

Keep A Day For Port Fairy Lighthouse:

The Port Fairy Lighthouse is the home to endless wildfire and mutton birds, and a wonderful spot for watching the sunset. Enjoy the view by grabbing some chips and fish.

Come Over To the Lake Pertrobe Adventure Playground:

In Warrnambool, the adventure playground of 8 hectares is one of the most fascinating to the kids for the giant slides, a maze and flying foxes. The skate park and the mini golf course are located nearby and also sheltered picnic and barbeque facilities on site. 

Pay A Visit To the Foreshore Promenad:

The great foreshore precinct in Warrnambool is the perfect place to walk and explore. The promenade going along the water gives access to the beach, the Lake Pertrobe Adventure Playground and the breakwater. A few parts of the foreshore are simply remarkable for biking and scootering.

Spend Time At Budj Bim National Park: Visit the Natural Bridge cavern at Budj Bim, National Park, the lava tunnel and explore it using a torch. Also, walk the volcano crater rim, explore the other lava canals and tunnels as well as Lake Surprise.

Hit The Port Fairy Beach: If the time is not for swimming weather, then the beautiful and family-friendly beaches of Port Fairy are great for outdoors and playing beach cricket or frisbee. Also, try out fishing with your family. 

There are immense holiday activities, and during Christmas, the kids ought to be allowed to explore and nurture their souls. Let the weather follow its train, come over to Port Fairy with your family to find the ultimate freedom you were seeking for long.

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