the mesmerizing beaches at port fairy ideal for swimming and surfing
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The Mesmerizing Beaches At Port Fairy Ideal For Swimming and Surfing

The Mesmerizing Beaches At Port Fairy Ideal For Swimming and Surfing 02 Aug, 2021

Spending holidays in Australia will be indeed meaningful when you spent time at the beaches, and choose Port Fairy as the destination. Port Fairy is a heaven for tourists.
Set on 5.8 kilometers long beach, Port Fairy is extended in a broad and curving arc from the Reef Point situated in the East, here it faces North Mole on the South and the harbor entrance wall in the South, facing the East. The beach continues to the West of Griffiths Island and extends 2 km past the Caravan Park.

If you are wondering which are the best beaches in Port Fairy where swimming and surfing are allowed, then read till the end. In the first place, after landing at Port Fairy, make sure you are all comfortable at your reserved accommodation in Port Fairy.

i. South Beach and Pea Soup

Ocean Drive is running past the Caravan Park on Port Fairy's south side and West for 2 kilometers along the shore. You shall find three car parks along the road giving direct access to the shore. Fringed by continuous basalt reefs, the shore lies 100 to 200 m offshore. There are two beaches in the lee of the reef, and low basalt rocks border both. Pea Soup Beach is the first South Beach. The beach is a 500m long beach facing the South. Adjoining a smaller 200 m long beach, the Pea Soup Beach is backed by the scarped dunes and there is protective basalt seawall in places. The reefs are completely protecting the low, wide beaches at low tide. The shallow lagoons are lying between the reefs and the beaches. When it is the time of high tide, the small waves are reaching the beaches and are washing over the shallow, continuous bars with no rips.


The South Beach and Pea Soup beaches are relatively safe, specifically during low tides. At high tides, however, you have to be careful of the holes and submerged rocks.


Surfing is prohibited at the beach. At the eastern end of Pea Soup, however, is a right-hand short point break termed as The Passage. The Passage is lying right in front of the car park. There are two reef breaks off the second beach - the left is called Garbos and the right is called Goolos.

ii. South Mole

During the past century, South Mole Beach has been formed since the harbor mole's construction or the entrance walls at the Moyne River's mouth. The beach is lying on Griffith Island's north side, between the low dune calcarenite forming the island and the wall. You can reach there on foot from the car park, using the footbridge to the island. The South Mole Beach is 200 m long and is North-East facing. The island protects the beach along with the waves averaging about 0.5 m at the beach. It is resulting in a low and continuous bar and is generally free from rips.


Usually, with low waves and a shallow bar, the beach is relatively safe for swimming.
Surfing is allowed usually at a very low beach break.

iii. East Beach

Port Fairy is located on 5.8 kilometers stretch of beach. During the warmer months, Port Fairy Surf Life Saving Club is patrolling in the East Beach located on the foredune that is at 1 km North of the Northern Entrance Wall. The beach is composed of fine and white sand and it receives waves averaging 1m high with 150 m wide over the two sand bars. At every 250m, the rips cut the inner bars, and the outer bar is having more widely spaced rips. Up the beach, the waves and rips are further intensified.


For swimming, the summer conditions are moderately safe as the waves are tending to be lower and rips are less frequent and intense. But remember, you bathe in the patrolled area always between the flags. Avoid the Northern end of the beach, as the rips can be much intense here. When you are on a bodyguard or a surfboard, then you have to be very careful since the westerly winds could blow you out to the sea.


In the wide, shallow surf zone, there are multiple beaches, with their shape depending on the wind, bars, and waves. Oigles is the popular spot located at the South of the Surf Club and it works in a big swell while breaking over an old shipwreck.

How much do you love swimming and surfing? Do you know you can even get the opportunity at Port Fairy? We have covered the details here so you are excited about your trip. But first, take care of yourself at the accommodation you have reserved in Port Fairy, and then head towards the beaches for swimming and surfing.

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